Maine 2016

2016 – Maine

Maine is one of my favorite places to photograph – it’s colorful expressions of nature are unparalleled to what I’ve …

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Aki 2016

An Invitation to Play

Wandering online through the collective stories we’re telling is like driving an old truck down a bumpy dirt road — you kind of expect your car to fall apart at any moment. Yet somehow, it keeps going.

It’s been rough lately — namely the election and billions of opinions written in the shock following the election. But that’s not all — there is a lot of messy stuff happening around the world — the middle east, Brexit, the Philippines, a massive refugee crisis, a 7.8 earthquake in New Zealand, and then Apple had to go and release a laptop without any normal ports, when we’ve all been waiting for a super upgrade, and all we got was a… touch bar?

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India 2015

Habits and Yoga

Do you ever notice a disconnect between what you say you do, and what you actually do? I, for example, say that I practice yoga, but realistically make it into the yoga studio less then 3 times a month.

I was reflecting on this in December while I was in India, wondering how I could “get” myself into a healthy yoga routine. The determination to bring about sudden change for a renewed commitment often fails, in the same way that the new years resolutions typically are forgotten by February. And determination against your natural will will often have other detrimental side effects.

I know successful change contains two key components:

  1. Build a habit.
  2. Find the joy in it.

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Maine 2016

Lakeside sunset

Light is best at sunset. Or at sunrise. Actually, this is a bit past the magical 15 minutes that happens …

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Maine Tractor

Tractor on the blueberry fields

A lonely tractor on a sunny day, up on the blueberry fields of Maine.

I am on a spree of Maine photos, from my trip this summer. I love this lonely tractor on a sunny day, up on the blueberry fields of Maine.

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