Chicago summer beachfront

Reminiscing over summer as autumn rolls in – here is a delightful view down onto the Chicago beachfront, from the top of the John Hancock Tower.

Chicago Summer Beachfront by Adam Morris on

I am quite proud of this photo – it was my most popular photo I ever posted on 500px. It was from the weekend trip during the summer up to Chicago, from the top of the Hancock tower looking down. There is something so refreshing about tromping around all day in a city, such that your legs are aching by the end of the day. I used to live in a city where I had no car, and could walk endlessly. Now that I need a car to get anywhere, I rarely walk. The world feels different when you’re able to get around on your own to feet.

Lakeside sunset

Light is best at sunset.

Lakeside Sunset by Adam Morris on

Or at sunrise. Actually, this is a bit past the magical 15 minutes that happens around sunset. There is this moment as the sun is setting, where the contrast between the sky and the horizon is such that you get beautiful deep colors and details in the horizon. But this is not that moment. Here it is past sunset, and the horizon is a silhouette.

Lucent under the Hancock

I don’t think people realize that the Hancock Tower has a lobby, except when exiting the tower. It’s got this funky sculpture call Lucent, which supposedly accurately maps the stars in the northern hemisphere.

Lucent under the Hancock by Adam Morris on

I’ll be honest though, I looked from different angles, and I can’t even find the big dipper, so I don’t know if this is a case of the emperor has no clothes, or I don’t spend enough time stargazing.

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Sunset Rocks the Water

I love how a long exposure at sunset leaves a misty boundary around the rocks.

Sunset rocks the water by Adam Morris on

My true dive into photography started in 2005 when I inherited a Canon 40-D digital DSLR. Living in London, street photography was a natural fit, and I used to roam the streets taking pictures of everything I found. Slowly I started attending meetups and photography classes, learning news ways to take pictures. From those, I started learning the art of long exposures, especially during that magical moment when the sun is just rising or setting. These photos are fun to take, because they’re longer exposures – this one was 8 seconds… which gives you enough time to sit patiently and enjoy the moment while the camera is taking the picture.

Branch Lake at Dusk

Sitting on the water, watching the sun set over Branch Lake up in Maine.

Branch Lake at Dusk by Adam Morris on

I don’t know what it is about the colors at sunset, but the world seems to come into a different focus. And that’s just magnified when you’re at the water’s edge. Maybe the lighting changes so quickly, that you can watch it happen, and this gives you a pause to slow down and actually just observe what’s happening around you.

Bright Bouys of Bar Harbor

I love Maine.

Bright Buoys of Bar Harbor by Adam Morris on

When in Maine, I feel like I’m walking through a picture book. I loved these colorful buoys hanging on the side of a shack. Every year or so I’ll visit, and I’m always amazed at how vibrant everything is. Maybe it’s the lobster going to my head, but it feels like everywhere you look there is something that catches the eye.