SF 2016

Starting Wild Tiger Tees

In 2017, I had Ann Bischoff as a guest on the People Helping People Podcast – from the Star House, a day center for youth experiencing homelessness. Something struck me about the situation that these youth face — especially a life circumstances that they never chose. I had such a supportive family growing up, and still do today… and I can’t imagine life without that. Especially at age 16 or 18, I can’t imagine having to make it on my own without any support.

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London 2017

People Helping People Podcast

2017 was a busy year – in the pause before the end, I find myself reflecting on the past year.

It was a year of seeking. But a different type of seeking. I embarked on a project to learn how to make a social impact, with an ambitious goal of interviewing 25 people for the People Helping People Podcast.  I’ll post my 26th tonight.

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Aki 2016

An Invitation to Play

Wandering online through the collective stories we’re telling is like driving an old truck down a bumpy dirt road — you kind of expect your car to fall apart at any moment. Yet somehow, it keeps going.

It’s been rough lately — namely the election and billions of opinions written in the shock following the election. But that’s not all — there is a lot of messy stuff happening around the world — the middle east, Brexit, the Philippines, a massive refugee crisis, a 7.8 earthquake in New Zealand, and then Apple had to go and release a laptop without any normal ports, when we’ve all been waiting for a super upgrade, and all we got was a… touch bar?

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First git

The world of open source is truly fascinating to me. People sharing work, and building platforms together, that make it …

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Open Space Technology

Seth Godin explores a new standard for meetings and conferences and how to justify the increasing cost and time commitment …

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Freewrite exercise

Just as simple as it sounds, the freewrite exercise is about writing without inhibitions. Freewrite Exercise Write for a pre-determined …

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