Efficiency vs Mental space


My experiments with Getting Things Done have started. (Right-brained people of the world – don’t have a heart attack… it’s just an experiment.) Objective: to use this methods for reducing stress and to become more efficient by:

  1. Gathering all the thoughts on my mind
  2. Processing the thoughts
  3. Ensuring that items which need accomplishing have a clear, concrete next step attached to them
  4. Tackling one action at a time

“Supposedly” (i.e in some far-fetched theory) by getting vague thoughts out of your head and becoming clear on the next concrete action, mental space is created to get things done. More mental space = room for creative ideas to surface.

The catch is, if I become more efficient, and that raises other’s expectations… will I find myself taking on more responsibilities to fill the new found space? This could be a disaster in waiting.