Shifting perspectives

We never have all the information about the reality that surrounds us. Our reality can shift in an instant with the smallest piece information.

Take the following story:

You are riding on a bus. In front of you are two kids being very loud & obnoxious, jumping around and acting out of control (not in a cute kid way either, but in an irritating brat way). Their father is sitting right next to them paying no attention, doing nothing to intervene, and being the most disconnected father you have ever seen.

What kind of father do you think he is?

You decide to to something about it – what do you say to the father? “Excuse me sir, you could use some parenting skills – get a grip on your kids… and, oh, I’d better child protection services to report your serious neglect.”

Suppose you do approach the man, and he responds, “Oh, I do apologize, we just came from the hospital, where their mother just died suddenly. My children are a bit confused and not sure what is going on, and I’m still in shock.” Now what kind of father do you think he is? Did your reality change?

We can never have all the information, yet we often create negative tension in our reality based on how we believe the world to be. If the reality that we know to be true is most likely wrong, why not create one that generates less tension?

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