Daydreaming guide

man sitting

Daydreaming is usually considered lazy, unproductive and childish. As adults, we ought to maximize our productivity and the use of our time. Even worse, the multi-tasker is the modern-day business hero – we are encouraged to multi-task, jumping back and forth between multiple tasks and stimuli at an alarming rate.

Stepping back from this insane drive and getting in touch with our dreams can help us to understand what gets us excited. Daydreaming is free, easy, and relaxing… and opens up a new creative realm where we can free our imagination from the daily rules and expectations.

Idiot’s guide to daydreaming:

  • Find a quiet space.
  • Eliminate all possible distractions. (People, phones, computers, deadlines, etc.)
  • Make a commitment to yourself to refrain from thinking about work and what needs to get done.
  • Take a moment to breathe deeply into your abdomen. Watch your breath for a minute.
  • Watch your thoughts for minute to become even more present. If you have trouble with this, ask yourself, “what is the next thought that is entering my mind?” and observe what comes.
  • Let go. Let your mind wander freely.

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