Twisted networks

my brain

I always thought the neural networks in my brain were a bit messed up… nothing seems to connect properly. Apparently this is a good thing when it comes to creativity. One of the best ways to improve your creativity is to increase the random associations in your brain. Finally, the entangled mess in my head is worth something!

You too can be messed up like me with just ten steps for boosting your creativity.

I like the last step:

Exercise your brain. Brains, like bodies, need exercise to keep fit. If you don’t exercise your brain, it will get flabby and useless. Exercise your brain by reading a lot (see above), talking to clever people and disagreeing with people – arguing can be a terrific way to give your brain cells a workout. But note, arguing about politics or film directors is good for you; bickering over who should clean the dishes is not.

Although I guess that means I’m stuck doing the dishes.