Creativity vs security

light bulb

Creativity is one of those popular catch words – I hear “creativity”, and I think, “oh, good, I want more of that.” But do I? In general, people are resistant to anything related to change, and creativity is all about uncovering something new. People tend to crave security, holding on to what they have and what they know.

It seems to me, that if we just do the same thing over and over again – we never experience anything new. So would would be the point of living?

On of the best books I have read on creativity, Cracking Creativity, goes in depth into five ways to foster creativity, by:

  • making novel combinations
  • connecting the unconnected
  • looking at the other side
  • looking in other worlds
  • finding what you’re not looking for

Looking to be more creative? Here are some resources for creativity.