Dream analysis 101

Okay, here is my quick and dirty Jungiang Dream Interpretation guide. Brace yourself.

There are 3 elements to Jungian dream interpretation:

  1. Dream Details.
    Record as closely as you can the exact details of the dream. Events, emotions, anything out of the ordinary, anything that stands out. Not just the object in the dream, but also the distortions on the object.
  2. Personal, cultural, and archetypal associations.
    Gather your associations of your dream details, starting with what symbols mean to you personally, and then what they mean to you culturally, and finally what they mean on an archetypal level (in that order).
  3. Put it in context.
    Place the dream and associations in the context of the dreamer’s current life situation. As a general rule, if you already know what the dream seems to be saying, then you have missed its meaning.

There you go. That’s it. I said it would be quick and dirty, didn’t I? It’s not rocket science.