Where do dreams come from?

Recent theories postulate that dreams often stem from worries or emotionally charged problems that are unresolved when you go to sleep. The dream process helps to break down the emotional charge so you the following day you can devote your energy to… uncovering new problems and worries!

This is slightly different to Freud’s theory that dreams have latent meanings; instead, your dream comes from your conscious introspections instead of your ‘subconscious infantile impulses’ (if you have such a thing). Also, your dreams aren’t disguised or distorted wishes – they are just your senses replaying unexpressed emotions that have aroused from your day.

On another interesting note, your beliefs about how your dreams are structured and what they mean may actually effect HOW you dream. If you read up on Freudian dream analysis, your dreams are more likely to fit Freud’s theory. If instead, you’re a believer of Jung’s interpretation methods… then your dreams will adapt accordingly.

Either way, the more you recall and analyze your dreams, the easier they become to understand.