Practicing Vipassana

Vipassana meditation is pretty straight-forward. At the retreat, you start working with your breath, and progress to passing your awareness through your body.

The rough guide to Vipassana is:

  1. Awareness of breath (paying attention to your breathing).
  2. Focusing your breath awareness onto a smaller and smaller point at the base of your nose.
  3. Passing that same awareness slowly over the surface of your entire body, starting with your head, arms, chest, back, legs and then back up to the head.
  4. Sweeping your awareness over the surface of your body.
  5. Passing your awareness through (inside) your body.
  6. Becoming aware of your entire body simultaneously.

All this is done while trying to remain as an objective observer. This would be dead easy, but unfortunately, minds like mine like to run wild… much of the meditation is just recognizing that thoughts are popping into our head, accepting that this is happening and returning our awareness to the practice.

I never knew how much my mind had a mind of its own until my first retreat.

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