The regional adjustment burro

Credit card fraud with Capital One is very amusing.

There is this entity called the regional adjustment burro who keeps trying collect on a debt for a credit card opened in my name last year at an address I lived over 6 years ago.

For some reason, they don’t like to call me. Somehow they found my sister’s number in Salt Lake City, and like to call her instead. Perhaps it is because I live in the UK, and they are too cheap to make international calls, or perhaps it is because my sister is such a wonderful person to talk to, they find it more fun to call her instead. Note: They definitely have my number here in the UK, I verify this every time I call… they just choose not to use it.

I dealt with this in November, and handed it off to Capital One as fraud. I’m not sure of the law in the US, but as a resident in the UK, fraud is 100% responsibility of the credit card company. I tried to explain this to the adjustment burro, but they don’t seem to understand and just keep trying to sell me on the benefits of paying off their debt.

I called the fraud department (who do have their act together) and spoke with the person I filed the fraud with in November – and sure enough, my account has been correctly marked at fraud and the adjustment burro ought to know this and shouldn’t be contacting me. (Although, perhaps it’s okay for them to contact my sister… I forgot to clear up that mystery.) So all is nice and dandy, but the kind lady in the fraud department can’t call the adjustment burro, she can only re-mark the account as frauded so that I won’t be contacted again. (Which, as we discovered, did not exactly work last time.)

At least I called the adjustment burro back and gave them the extension of the lady I spoke with at the fraud department, so hopefully they can have a nice little chat and won’t have to involve me anymore. Or my sister.

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