The Result-Only Work Environment

The Result-Only Work Environment

I heard about Best Buy’s Results Only Work Environment last year when I was searching for ways to make a work environment more entrepreneurial and engaging. It seems like a such a simple concept – focus on results only, treat people as adults and let them get their work done however they see best – without any mandatory schedules or meetings.

You might think that this would lead to utter chaos. But apparently in practice, people not only achieve better results (otherwise they’ll get fired), but they do so on their own terms, so they enjoy their work more, and it seems to be give people incentives to maximize their personal and company effectiveness – because now they own their time.

The team that inspired this change at Best Buy has broken off and formed CultureRx to assist in leading a cultural revolution to spread this highly effective practice.

  1. Jack03-21-2014

    And Best Buy has been a great investment since! No wonder why. We gave our design team free reign to rethink the daily planner. No required meetings or check ins unless the team requested them. The results are stunning. Check it out

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