Space for creativity


I asked myself this morning, how many times in the last week was I truly creative?

Monitoring my thoughts this week, it is a shock to realize just how persistent the thoughts are racing around my head… I leave no room to be creative… the space is squeezed out with a constant urge to be doing.

While I’m on the go, I do create blog posts, photographs in the park, drawings during art class, saucepans of stuff for supper… but they don’t have that novel aftertaste of true creativity.

The most creative moments come when I am not doing but just being. During these times, the problems which have been stewing in my unconscious bubble up into the present moment.

Work environments push for creativity, but they don’t tend to encourage space for reflection. How can you create a quick space for creative thoughts to flow? Bring yourself back to the present:

Tool for returning to the present moment:

  1. Find a quiet space where you can sit uninterrupted
  2. Sit with your back straight, and your feet planted on the floor.
  3. Inhale. Take a deep breath, and watch what it feels like to breathe in.
  4. Exhale. Let your breath out slowly, and watch what it feels like to breathe out.
  5. Smell. As you breathe in, what do you smell?
  6. Taste. Move your tongue around your mouth. What do you taste? Any bits of lunch left over?
  7. Listen. Ask your self what you hear. And then probe deeper. What background noise is there?
  8. Look. What do you see around you?
  9. Look again. This time, look at the negative space – the shapes of emptiness between objects.
  10. Look again. This time look at the a color, and how the tone varies with the light and shade.
  11. Examine your thoughts. Ask yourself, “what is the next thought that enters my mind?” Sit patiently until the thought enters.